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Effective toolbox for your AR content

Open Source

Open Source*

We are working hard to make the product available as open-source project. Open-source is safer for your company since you can fix and debug it yourself.

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Cross Platform

We support Windows and Linux. Mac version is in development. No special hardware is required.

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It's free for commercial work. Free to use on the render farm. Free to use in the cloud.


Our app is direct Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD) editor, that gives you future-proof 3d scene data format for all your that compatible with many third-party applications and runtimes like Unity or Unreal Engine. That also means you can directly inspect and export for Apple's USDZ format.

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In development

GLTF FBX Support

Would it be awesome if you can import/export GLTF, FBX, that would be consumable for other Mobile AR runtimes as well?


Node Editor allows you to modify any USDShade shading networks for any target renderer. This way you can interactively author materials for you digital avatar assets. To make it more future-proof, we also working on adding support for MaterialX.

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You can author digital avatars animation using AnimX compatible animation curves animation engine. Using Graph Editor, so you can edit animation right inside the app.

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