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Open Source*
extensible 3D editor based on Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD)


Build your USD pipeline

We believe the pipeline could be better if you build it on top of the USD and Hydra/Storm. And we think you need a direct USD editor with industry-standard UI. And it would be better if its free and open source.

Open Source

Open Source*

We are working hard to make the product available as open-source project. Open-source is safer for your company since you can fix and debug it yourself.

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Cross Platform

We support Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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No USD usage assumptions in the editor. USD library is unmodified, could be swapped with your fork. You can use your own ArResolver.

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Industry Standard UI

The Qt-based UI is designed in a way that artists feel at home, like in any other industry-standard DCC. Don't reinvent the wheel.

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Extensible with Python/C++ plugins. Qt/Pyside2 for the UI. Follow VFX Platform.

What if Wizart DCC could solve your problem?

..or probably could solve it in the future, follow our updates

Wizart DCC is better with extensions

On top of the core USD editing functionality we also include the powerful extensions

Open Source Animation


You can author animation using AnimX compatible animation curves animation engine. Using Graph Editor, so you can edit animation right inside the app.

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Open Source Hair System


Wgen is node-based hair system with support of industry standard OSL. OSL networks allow you procedurally change curves shape or change hair color using textures. Using included toolset for sculpting the hair, an artist can create any haircut for your character.

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Open Source Lighting Toolset


Scenelib is a powerful node-based system for procedural scene description right-before render. Lighting artists can visually create a sequence or shot lighting using the SceneLib node graph. The resulting scenegraph data could be rendered using various third-party renderers.

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