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future-proof node-based hair system everywhere in the pipeline

Open Source

Open Source*

We are working hard to make the product available as open-source project. Open-source is safer for your company since you can fix and debug it yourself.

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Cross Platform

We support Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

USD Editing

Wizart DCC Platform is a direct Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD) editor that gives you a future-proof data format for all your pipeline data compatible with many third-party applications. If this is not enough, you can also export your data to Alembic. Using Hydra as a native viewport and Hydra Render Delegates ecosystem, you can preview your avatars using the majority of renderers on the market.

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Open Source Hair System


Wgen is node-based hair system with support of industry standard OSL . OSL networks allow you procedurally change curves shape or change hair color using textures.

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Using the out-the-box toolset for hair sculpting, an artist can create haircut for any of your characters.

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USD integration

Wgen nodegraph is fully integrated into USD and Wizart DCC. This way you can use USD rich scene composition features, for example, to setup hair rig switching USD Variants.

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Node Editor allows you to modify any USDShade shading networks for any target renderer. Its important to author shading in same environment with hair grooming tools, because often this workflows are inseparatable.

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In development

Lighting Integration

Thanks to USD/Hydra integration and open-source engine, Wgen could be easily used with any workflow or pipeline.

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