Wizart DCC Platform
for Scene Assembly

WSYWIG edit your pipeline data without hiccup

Open Source

Open Source*

We are working hard to make the product available as open-source project. Open-source is safer for your company since you can fix and debug it yourself.

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Cross Platform

We support Windows and Linux. Mac version is in development. No special hardware is required.

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It's free for commercial work. Free to use on the render farm. Free to use in the cloud.

USD editing

Wizart DCC supports industry standard manipulators that authors USDXform attributes. Supported features like various snapping modes and edit pivot. You can group, duplicate and rename prims. We draw visual locators for USDLux and UsdCamera prim types, that you could be often missing in usdview.

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Multi USD Stage workflows

Wizart DCC allot you load to the session multiple USD Stages simultaneously and switch between them at any moment. It's handy if you want to edit asset data in shot context or neighbor shots.

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Compared to the other USD editors, except prim selection, we also support selecting points, edges, and faces, including Soft Selection mode. Using manipulators you can directly modify UsdGeom.points attribute, based on current selection, without complex import/export workflows.

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In development

USD Live Share for Modeling

Using the Live Share function, we can use rich third-party modeling and sculpting apps to send live edits between different processes. For example between Blender and Wizart DCC.

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Paint Instances Tool

Tool for interactive editing Point Instancer prim point cloud using the brushes.

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Paint Primvar Tool

The tool for editing Primvar attributes using the brush.

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Point Instancer Modeling

We also support selection of separate instances in Point Instancer. Plus you can directly edit Point Instancer prim point cloud using the manipulators.

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You can author animation using AnimX compatible animation curves animation engine. Using Graph Editor, so you can edit animation right inside the app.

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